3 greatest chess players



  1. Ah yes , Magnus Carlsen , My favorite World Championship.

  2. I go with Bobby Fischer the world ever known ,, except the God ~ perryutanis

  3. admin you are born 20's? haha you forgot the old insane players like capablanca, fischer, tal and botvinik their games is more amazing than any active players now

  4. U forgot v o mention Mikhail Tal… The greatest of all😅

  5. 𝙲𝚑𝚘𝚣𝚎𝚗𝙴𝚍𝚒𝚝𝚣🇳🇴 says:

    Isn’t Kasparov from Azerbaijan?

  6. No no no! Of course this is not true. World Chess Champion 2023 – Vitaliy Klichko. If he notices that you want to win him at chess, then he will make a quick gesture in the corridors "I will stab you with a knife".

  7. for starters, the image on the front isn’t possible

  8. These might be the three greatest chess players but Fischer is their dad

  9. I would agree with you, only if you would’ve put Murphy and co on there


  11. Bro tried to sneak in viswanand Anand 😂

  12. no matter what, hikaru will always be no.1 in my eyes

  13. Anand managed to end 80 years of supremacy of the Soviet Union chess school from Alexander Alekhine 1927-vladimir kramnik 2007

  14. There’s a few people I’d have above anand

  15. Bobby Fischer is the goat. Bobby had been good since he was about five. Magnus started taking chess seriously when he was about 8-9 . Experience matters!

  16. 1 – Magnus
    2 – Hikaru
    3 – Bobby
    4 – Kasparov
    5 – Anand

    honorable mention: Danya, Krikor, Gotham Chess, Albert Einstein

  17. There’s 3 greatest players in chess: bobby fischer, gary kasparov, magnus carlsen. Thhere would be somebody out there arguing for someone else but they’re objectively wrong and i am first person to tell you.

    -Levy Rozeman(gotham chess)

    Bobby is goat. Dominated every player and no one was close. He is most talented player of all time.

  18. Vishwanath Anand
    No.1 in the world.👍

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