3 Chess Endgame Principles Every Chess Player Should Know | Endgame study

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you the 3 most important endgame principles that every chess player must know. He teaches you them with one of the famous endgame studies, which is a king and pawn endgame.

These positions are not as easy as they look at first. They may seem simple, but the natural-looking moves can miss a win for you, getting only a draw, or worse, lose the game.

That’s why, you should know these 3 most important endgame principles to get the desired result:

00:00 Intro to 3 important endgame principles
02:45 1st principle – The rule of square
04:56 2nd principle – Keep your king in front of your pawn
06:45 3rd principle – The rule of opposition

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  1. 02:45 1st principle – The rule of square

    04:56 2nd principle – Keep your king in front of your pawn

    06:45 3rd principle – The rule of opposition

  2. Nice video
    I hope you will do more endgame vids because thats the secret of winning at chess

  3. Answer to the puzzle: it will be a draw. As for the reason, I can't explain it. Just basing it on experience. Jeje

  4. The solution to the question is that the game will be a draw. Let's say that the white king goes to hunt down the pawn with Kb3 black has Ke6 Kxa3 Kd6 Ka4 trying to reach b5 black simply plays Kc6 and white cannot really make any progress here. Thank you for the video.

  5. I am waiting for your course on Theoretical endgames.

  6. Pretty basic stuff; but gotta admit 1) Kg1! is beautiful idea!

  7. Quiz Solution: 9:00 That game likely will end in a draw.
    For example: … a2; Kb2, a1=Q; Kxa1, Kd6 (just inside Square); Kb2, Kc6; Kc3, Kb6; Kc4, Kc6 (winning Opposition. Keeping white King from being In Front Of Pawn.); ….

  8. 3:37 it's only a draw since the oawn is a rook's pawn. If we shift ever piece 1 file to the right, then, despite being inside the square, White wins.

  9. Great lesson..Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable experience for us.

  10. the king will not be in front of the pawn

  11. Black can take the pawn if white moves its pawn to C3 by en passant.

  12. Wasn't it the great Capablanca who suggested studying chess beginning w the endgame? Thank you, Mr. GM, for following tradition.

  13. You are the best chess teacher that we ever had!

  14. and what about Kc3, a3, b3 a2, Kb2, a1=Q, Ka1.?

    looks winning to me

  15. white give kc3 and then black push a3 and white push the pawn to b4 then it will be a draw

  16. This will turn out as a draw because black can simply push the pawn to a2 and that is not what we want because the king will be behind the pawn and not infront of it, as black pushes is king this will result to stalemate/draw.

  17. The master class was more than helpful. Thanks. I just know I'm in the Wright platform to improve my chess skills.

  18. Excellent ( apart from the screaming music) thank you

  19. euuuuhhh b2 to b4… a4 to b3 en passant is a draw

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