3 Biggest Mistakes Chess Players Make!

Learn how to avoid making these 3 most common chess mistakes!

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the 3 most common mistakes chess players make in their games. Even players with an online/internet rating of 3000 tend to make these mistakes. Most importantly, he also teaches you how to avoid these mistakes, including the anti-blunder technique.

Probably you are making these mistakes too and they prevent your chess progress. After watching this video lesson, you will know exactly how to overcome them and improve your chess skills.

โ–บ Chapters

00:00 3 most common chess mistakes
00:12 Mistake-1: Ignoring opponent’s plans
00:41 Players rated 3000 (online) make this mistake
01:38 Mistake-1: Example-2
02:27 How to avoid this mistake
02:41 Mistake-1: Example-3
03:53 Mistake-2: Blunders and bad moves
04:59 Anti-blunder training
07:21 Question for you – find the winning shot
08:25 Mistake-3: Ignoring king safety
09:54 Exposed king is suicidal

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  1. That looked like all my blunders in one video… thanks for this video.

  2. That looked like all my blunders in one video… thanks for this video.

  3. why can't the black pawn take white knight @ e6? Didn't seem to be a checkmate.

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