2014 – Garry Kasparov vs Yoshiharu Habu (2 chess games)

What happens when two chess legends, Garry Kasparov and Yoshiharu Habu, do battle against one another? Chess legend and many times world chess champion Garry Kasparov plays against one of the greatest Japanese chess masters (shogi masters) ever, Yoshiharu Habu. Yoshiharu Habu is a shogi champion, has a FIDE chess rating of 2400+, and is the #1 ranked chess player in Japan. Garry Kasparov and Yoshiharu Habu played an exhibition match, consisting of 2 rapid chess games, on November 28th, 2014 in an effort to promote an upcoming series of shogi games between professional players and computers that will take place in March of 2015. Each chess game played between Kasparov and Habu are reviewed in this video. Time controls for each chess game were 25 minutes with a 10 second increment.


Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. Shogi is just a different dimension. Idk where but I heard Hikaru supposedly played with his grandpa and was always beat. Shogi can translate to Shogi (with some practice ofc) but Shogi is just such a huge step up from chess in tactics, proverbs and so on if kasporov played Shogi exclusively for 10 years he would lose to habu 100x in a row for sure.

  2. 1st keep the vids coming jerry — ps more cube warzone please 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, Kasparov said that he wouldn't play a shogi match as he doesn't know more than the very basics of the game.

  4. Wow, this is a great upload, thanks a lot Jerry!

  5. When will we see regular uploads from ShogiNetwork? :]

  6. I have played few Shogi games. Shogi is much more complicated than chess, Garry would be decimated.

  7. I ~never comment on YouTube videos, but I have to say that I'd definitely love for you to learn shogi and present the games you mentioned. Even more, I'd love some introduction videos for people who have never played shogi but want to learn it.

  8. kasparov is an amazing player. I love his bold tactics. 

  9. For the record, the "o" in Japanese, is pronounced more like the "o" in the english word "force" rather than the word "show". 

  10. Kasparov may be retired, but he is still sharp as a whip.

  11. Could white not get the move back with the promote with check? It would probably be losing as Kxg2 or Kxh4 and now down on material.

  12. This is awesome. Where can I watch the full game broadcast? 

  13. I learned how to play Shogi two years ago, and I followed the hidetchi's channel (english) to learn about openings and strategy and I must say, it is an INCREDIBLE game, so much fun tatics everywhere even though I don't play it very often, I would love to see you learning the rules and trying to play online or something =)

  14. Think of Shogi as bug house 1v1.  I started to play Shogi in the 90's. I feel Shogi make chess look like tic tac toe.

  15. Way to come out of retirement and play at a high level. Kudos to Kasparov!!

  16. Hey jerry, shogi is a very good game, you should take a look at it.

  17. very good chess this 2 games shows how stong and creative Kasparov still is in his play 

  18. Thanks Jerry! I for one would have no problem watching you comment on a Shogi match even if you are simply explaining it at a low level for people with no experience in the game. That would be very informative and entertaining 😀

  19. Shogi is certainly a great game, although the opening stage is quite dry because you spend a lot of moves securing your position before you really start battle (if you think not castleing in chess is bad, then you never experienced omitting castleing in Shogi : D).
    As others have said, it's very tactical and so far I haven't see a dry middle- or endgame, I prefer that to chess actually. It's also very rare (compared to chess) to get a draw. So if you like to a go for the "kill" then Shogi is certainly more fun.

    The big downside for me personally is not having a lot of people to play with (internet aside, there are great servers for Shogi in English) and limited study material (that's coming from a Go player, but Go in the West is huge compared to Shogi). I like to get excited about things, like watching your chess videos and stuff. I haven't found something similar for Shogi, so I stopped after a couple of months.

    Wouldn't mind seeing you start, though, and doing the same as with your fun and educational chess videos. Maybe I'll reconsider then ; )

  20. You'd learn shogi just to present us with some games? Man, you're too good to us!

  21. Could you play vs Play Magnus at age 23 please?

  22. Right, time for me to make a ShogiNetwork account and rival Jerry. There seems to be a lot of interest here and I may even become more famous than anti_network!

  23. Game 1 – win a pawn .. play simply and solid .. and slowly but surely the screws turn in your favour…

    Horrible way to be on the losing side of that! Shudders. Feels like you haven't even played a game … you are just putting out the constant threats and fires trying to win back some chance of just starting an attack! 

  24. I don't know Shogi either, but I'd bet Kasparov would NEVER beat Habu at Shogi.  It probably takes just as much effort to be a world champion Shogi player as it does to be the Chess Champion.  I doubt whether Kasparov would even entertain the thought – He doesn't like to lose as we all know 😉

  25. I'm not sure why "shogi" is being talked about here like it's a household term that everyone would know?

  26. i like shogi but the pieces are very hard to distinguish from each other because of the chinese signs instead of figures. never played it though but it seems more sophisticated than chess

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