2014 – Garry Kasparov vs Yoshiharu Habu (2 chess games)

What happens when two chess legends, Garry Kasparov and Yoshiharu Habu, do battle against one another? Chess legend and many times world chess champion Garry Kasparov plays against one of the greatest Japanese chess masters (shogi masters) ever, Yoshiharu Habu. Yoshiharu Habu is a shogi champion, has a FIDE chess rating of 2400+, and is the #1 ranked chess player in Japan. Garry Kasparov and Yoshiharu Habu played an exhibition match, consisting of 2 rapid chess games, on November 28th, 2014 in an effort to promote an upcoming series of shogi games between professional players and computers that will take place in March of 2015. Each chess game played between Kasparov and Habu are reviewed in this video. Time controls for each chess game were 25 minutes with a 10 second increment.


Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. I really appreciate the history lessons before the actual video… good insight

  2. never heard of shogi but ill have to google it now thx, 

  3. do you guys think Kasparov could hang with the top guys currently? I know he's retired but if he decided to start training extensively, how well do you think he could be? or are chess masters once past their prime, past it for good?

  4. "Gosh, Larry sure is different than Gary. And Gary and Larry are REAL different than… Jerry! Oh Gary why did you have to go?!" WHY GARY?! WHYYY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!"

  5. Never expected to see Habu Yoshiharu in your videos!

  6. Habu would be good at playing CrazyHouse

  7. I would really like to see a Shogi game, between these two 🙂 btw Nice analyse Jerry, once again 🙂

  8. Man, I love these videos. Super fun to watch and I feel like I've learned so much.

  9. I took a look at some shogi intro videos and some walkthroughs of some famous games… after 6 or 7 introductory videos, I was unprepared to really appreciate what the hell was going on in those matches. There were more than a few rules I probably missed or didn't understand, let alone having a very hard time distinguishing between not only the different pieces from the characters, but even figuring out which pieces were fighting for which side as direction, not color, determine which side a piece is fighting for. I'm not even sure I can comprehend fully the extent of this guy's mastery of the game. I doubt very seriously that Kasparov will be able to play Habu in any real sense unless he's been playing for some time already. How Habu is also a master in chess is truly awe inspiring.

  10. Before I watch the vid, I predict Kasparov will kind of smash, considering the 400 rating difference, but he has been retired for a while so that might play each other out.

  11. Just as I thought, a 2800 player won't lose to a 2400 player.

  12. 9. NE5    9. NxD2
    10. Bc2 10. Bg2
    11. Kg2

    This seems like a fine line. why 9. Ne5 9.c5??

  13. Hey Jerry – this was a great video, thanks a lot for the instructive analysis! Very exciting to see Kasparov back in action, even against a much lower-rated opponent. It was especially reassuring how he didn't give up in the equal position in the 2nd game. Looking forward to the Shogi video!

  14. over 2400 and is the best chess player in Japan?? – Wow, that´s pretty low… 128 Mio. People and not even one chess GM, hard to believe that is – would Master Yoda said 🙂

  15. Do you guys think if Kasparov came back full time he could maintain a 2700+ rating?

  16. I've picked up Shogi about two or three years ago, and play with some of my friends. The board is 9×9 squares, and most of the pieces have more limited movement than in Chess (each side only has one Bishop and Rook equivalent piece, and no Queen). The promotion system is slightly different, with most pieces promoting into a Gold General, promoting within the last 3 lines (the "enemy camp") instead of the last line, and being able to choose whether you want to promote or not. Finally, the greatest difference is that all the pieces are the same color, only facing different sides. When you capture a piece, it goes to your "hand", and you can play it almost anywhere on the board on your turn, thus offsetting the naturally slower movement of the pieces and creating a particular logic to piece exchange (exchanging equal material is sometimes really bad because it goes to your opponent's hand and he might play it right away somewhere on the board instead of having it stuck wherever it was). There're a couple nuances and more rules I won't mention here. You should be able to get similar software to show Shogi matches, and the ones I've seen before buying my own board came with the possibility of using language neutral symbols to represent the pieces.

  17. Good games and excellent commentary.Kasparov lost to Kramnik in 2000.Nevertheless, I think he lost due to being involved in politic not getting enough concentration on the chess board, and this is my opinion, but Kasparov could beat any of the actual elite .GM's.

  18. The chess legend vs the shogi legend. That's something.

  19. Great analysis Jerry, thanks mate.
    I'd really enjoy a shogi video from you.

  20. What that other guy said about your calm analysis! Very smooth, clear run-through, thanks.

  21. If Kasparov played Anand today, who do you think will win?

  22. I'm a decent chess player at 1650 but i tried to pick up shogi with a friend who plays it and it is so complicated… I couldn't get used to the fact that one has the possibility to return captured pieces to the board. I don't know but it is such a different style! I heard Kramnik is picking it up as well, very interested how a top chess guy will compete in that sport!

  23. Not bad, though what I really I want to see is Kasparov's big stupid ego totally crushed in shogi by master Habu.

  24. Kasparov would get destroyed at Shogi. I'm impressed with Yoshiharu Habu's chess skills.

  25. lol, Habu would completely destroy Kasparov at Shogi.

  26. … Nd4 was was probably a winning move in many of the games he plays against much weaker opponents.

  27. Habu is pronounced more like "hah-boo" than "hab-oo."

  28. I actually came here because I'm a Habu fan. Shogi is my favorite game.

  29. If you know or understand Spanish, you'll learn and enjoy with our channel. We have the best games of the chess history. Subscribe! 🙂

  30. Shogi really has an extra dimension relative to chess. Positions don't simplify in the same way, as captured pieces can be redeployed in the service of the captor. As someone who played a lot of xiangqi growing up (albeit badly) I found shogi to be an enormous step up in the few games that I played.

  31. Shogi for me is super hard!! Because a pawn capture not diaganol and every piece look the same expect for japanese alphabet ..and every piece can be promote shogi is hard for me…

  32. I was just thinking… In the second game, move 20, wouldn't Rd7 have been a killer move by black? Or am I missing something? If queen takes queen, Rxd1 replies with mate. Queen would have to give herself for the rook…

  33. ცოტნე ბებიაშვილი says:

    If they play shogi Habu will win, trust me. At least he has played 1000 more professional matches 😀

  34. I see alot of "shogi master plays chess" but not much of the other way around

  35. Re: “If they played shogi”— obviously Habu would wipe the floor w/ Kasparov

  36. I'm pretty sure Kasparov would get destroyed in shogi

  37. I have a 5 Dan rating in shogi and I'm hoping to hit 7 an become a Profesional player soon, as far as chess 😬, I'm only a 1400 player, but both these guys are an inspiration

  38. On 12:28 if black plays rook to d7, would be winning the queen for the rook due to mate threat on d1, right?

  39. Jerry, you would really like shogi. Hidetchi has great content on YouTube: rules, openings, tactics, famous games, current title matches (12 years ago, now), variants. Habu is to shogi who Carlsen is to chess. This was fantastic, thanks!

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