Had a blast checking out The New Mutants on stream. The movie is in theaters now, get your tickets here: #NewMutants

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  1. Had to stop watching after he didn’t take the queen on B3

  2. Anyone else with some decent knowledge sitting there seething that Hannah missed the 4 move check mate literally right at the start??? 😂

  3. Can someone sent me the link of the chess game he played?? Ty for whoever sent me the link bc I've been lookin forever about chess games and wanted to play with my friends so bad.

  4. OMG i was literally shouting so that he hears me and make his moves😂😂

  5. 6:13 bro u could have got the rock with open check queen moving ur horse at front.

  6. Bro so ez to beat shroud in chess lmao

  7. take the queen? shroud could have literally check mate her by sending his queen while his knight has her in check

  8. just watched the movie but holy shit its good

  9. Chess players right now

  10. Is there someone else who was shouting Take the Queen shroud
    Take the queen

  11. This game can't be played without practice. You need to understand every moves and rules of the chess spown where will king go. How much step the horse go etc. I feel sad to say that either me or many people can beat shroud in this game.

  12. Watching this is like simulating a nervous breakdown. The queen is left hanging for two moves and when bnans finally saves it, they both think it is a blunder. On the other hand, it's nice to get a reminder of how complicated the game felt when starting out. But in a way makes me sad to see a patzer get almost half-a-million views for abysmal chess while even the most entertaining and educative masters rarely get even close to same numbers. All in all, it's really great that these unbelievably popular streamers are getting more people into the game.

  13. When she first moved her king, shroud should have moved his queen next to her king and if she took his queen his knight could have took her king. She had no where to go. CHECKMATE!

  14. I still can't believe he didn't take her Queen with his knight.

  15. You all say 'he didn't take the Queen,' but you don't see that he found a discovered check opportunity with no prior knowledge and felt the flow of the game really well.

  16. I can't believe he promoted his Pawn into a Rook instead of Queen wtf Shroud lmfao

  17. Do i take my horse out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. I feel like Hikaru malding over xQc playing chess

  19. Shit he didnt eat the queen in an excellent move HAHAHAHA

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