2 Types of Chess Players

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  1. I wanna know the song she’s listening to!! Omg haha

  2. She played so fucking bad the oponent got confused

  3. Some say the bishop and the knight
    Are still standing still till this day.

  4. Sry i dont understand chess beyond the basic moves. What happened here? To me it looks like the guy down below made the same move as he took in the other game.

  5. It feels so surreal. Like something you should've seen in a comedy skit instead of you know…real life. Hell, it even has music that matches it and everything!

  6. Couldn’t she token his queen worth eh bishop or cannot not go backwards?

  7. so the clear play is to take green with green bishop right?

  8. "Oh sht i'm trapped! 😱"
    "Oh wait.. i can go here"
    dances like its the easiest game ever

  9. My Friend needs to know what's wrong with that move……wait i got it..i can tell my friend

  10. i might not know Chess but
    couldn't she has taken the opponent's queen with her bishop after her queen got eaten?

  11. I just now realized… she had multiple ways of dealing with the queen…

    just like england

    too soon?

  12. I don't what happened and I don't know to play chess

  13. What's more boring than playing chess on stream? Streaming people streaming chess. These people have the personality of plain white toast

  14. I didn't realize where Minx messed up at first.

  15. Boxbox is just so chill were as minx is chaotic as fuck😂😂

  16. The knight looking at her like bruh do you even see me?

  17. Oh wait I watched this twice and didn't even know xD

  18. I'm upset with how long it took for this clip to show up for me on my recommended. This is probably the best short I've seen on YT to date.

  19. When she calmed down after the scream, he started screaming 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. You know it is a bad move when Ludwig knows it instantly.

  21. Can someone pls tell me the name of the song that boxbox is playing

  22. "the man was too stunned to speak"

  23. She had 2 different ways to capture the queen and she chose the 3rd option

  24. Bruh she could have taken the queen with the bishop infront of it

  25. This gives off the same energy as when jschlatt loses a chess game in 2 moves

  26. reminds me of poki and xqc's clips when they play against each other on valo lmao

  27. Idk what's wrong it's just a botez gambit accepted line ?

  28. She was so concentrated on the music she forgot to think

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