2 Chess Rules To Reach 2000 ELO Rating

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches the 2 important ideas (chess rules) that will improve your rating drastically and help you reach 2000 Elo rating and beyond in no time.

The main problem with most chess players is that they start learning some ideas in chess, they make some progress, and reach a rating between 1400-1800. But after that certain level, they can’t progress any further and are stuck at that rating level. Their ratings go up and down a little bit, but they remain in that level.

Recently, GM Smirnov has been analyzing the results and the progress of the RCA students who increased their ratings drastically, and he found that these 2 ideas helped them make a breakthrough in their chess progress.

► Chapters

00:00 2 Ideas to Double Your Chess Rating
00:26 Stuck at 1400-1800 Rating? How to progress?
01:04 Pursuing an idea and wishing it works
03:21 1) How to go forward & attack the opponent
04:15 2) Golden Rule of Attack in Chess
05:39 Example-2
08:00 Secret to reach 2000 chess rating
10:02 Can you find the winning move?

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  1. queen f7 check, king h8, queen f8 check, rook takes queen on f8, rook takes rook f8 checkmate

  2. with example 2 id start out with e5
    this allows me to gain a tempo by attacking the queen if not defended to double up the rooks, after that i could move my rook to 8 but its defended by a bakc rank mate

  3. Hello Mr. Igor,
    I've some question, so please if you could check it,

    at example 2 at 6:16 why not to play pawn to b.4 attack both knights and win one of them? or it just better to attack with my knight and win a pawn with daming the black king castling

  4. STOP_NotDAChess [Dark kitsune soldier anderson] says:

    I need 200 rating for this brand new expert title before I turn 14
    edit: my birthday is in 7 days and i’m a 1900 now

  5. this really changed how I look at chess, and explains why I am stuck at 650 trying to force ideas I see in videos online

  6. Q – e7 check, K moves to g8, Q-e8 check, rook takes queen, Rook-e8 mate

  7. Queen f7 check, queen f8 check, Rook f8 checkmate

  8. Got it. Queen F7 check, Then queen 👑 f8 check black takes with castle 🏰 and then white check mates with castle

  9. Pretty sure for the end puzzle its a back-rank mate. Right?
    1. Qf7+, Kh8
    2. Qf8+, Rxf8
    3. Rxf8#, 1-0

  10. move queen to f7, king's checked and goes to h8. Queen then moves one square forward to f8 and rook takes, white rook takes back and checkmate. 😎😎

  11. I can't see what's wrong with bishop to f3 for the 1st one. It bypasses the pawns that can block. I know that's not the point of your video, but I'm asking because reasons.

  12. Thanks this is so helpful, I’ll now play my chess more like rugby, constantly pushing forward, rather than like football, back and forth.

  13. Mate in three qf7 king goes to h8 then you play qf8 and sacrifice the queen room takes room and it’s mate

  14. This happened to me. I'm stuck between 1350-1400 and can't seem to put it together to get to the next level.

  15. I actually eventually saw the move Rd8 for white, but I missed the follow-up move of Qe7 (after Qf7+, Kg8), attacking the rook and threatening the fork. Also saw the knight trade, ruining black's pawn structure and half opening the h file. Pretty proud of myself.

    For the puzzle: Qf7+ Kh8 Qf8+ Rxf8 Rxf8#

  16. What an amazing video. I paused to analyze when you told us to and was surprised when I resumed that you went through my exact thought processes and showed the problems with them. So informative. Thank you!

  17. Queen to f7 then the only legal move for blackis king h8 the white moves queen to f8, rook takes queen and then white rook takes black rook to deliver smothered mate

  18. The first position if I were black I will play Nf5 to threat white knight which is the only defender against the mate.

  19. What if I'm content being a 1500, though?

  20. White: Qf7
    Black: Kh8
    White: Qf8
    Black: Rxf8
    White: Rxf8 checkmate!

  21. "The 2 ideas that can literally double your rating."
    Horsey moves in an L shape.
    King can't go through check when when castling.
    There. Rating doubled. 100 -> 200.

  22. "Attackers must outnumber defenders"
    Mikhail tal: yes

  23. I must have been playing chess for about a decade but I'm still stuck at around 700 rating.

  24. What were the two rules? I dont think that was obvious.

  25. In the last game why would you not play b4 forking both knights?

  26. In the last Puzzle:

    1. Queen to F7 for Check : King has to move over to the corner
    2. Queen To F8 for Check: Rook must take
    3. Rook to F8 for Mate

  27. I have stuck between 1000-1100
    Can someone give me some advice?

  28. My answer is Qf7+, Kh8, Qf8+, Rxf8, Rxf8#

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