19-Year-Old Chess Star Accused Of Cheating His Way To The Top

19-year-old chess star Hans Niemann is facing growing allegations that he cheated his way through the ranks. Niemann denied cheating, saying the allegations are “completely unfair.” NBC News’ Gadi Schwartz has more details on the scandal and on the accusations of his checkered past.
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  1. That's what happens when you have a history of cheating

  2. How do you cheat at chess — every game is watched by several people

  3. Fishing tournaments, chess……what’s next, cheating NFL coaches and sign stealing baseball teams🤭


  5. A chess player with a checkered past. I see what you did there.

  6. If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying everyone knows that!

  7. Cheating on a website is like cheating on Call of Duty. You get banned. As a matter of fact, the greats of the past would laugh at website matches. Cheating in person is a WHOLE different matter. Unless they have actual proof, Magnus is a quitter. BTW…itusually takes a cheater to know one…

  8. I just Hope that from Now on they Keep Him in 'Check'!

  9. All because Magnus Played a Poor
    Game and Lost to him.

    What a Whiny Little Baby 😂

  10. TSA needs to lend a body scanner to the chess world

  11. Buried the lede deeper than Hans buried his cheating device….

  12. How tf can you cheat at chess in person? It's literally played on the board right there…….online yea,probably…..but in person? How was it done? Or ya'll just speculating.


  14. Carlson losing with white chess pieces is a huge red flag. Lol

  15. "You really think someone would do that? Just go on the Internet and tell lies?"

  16. Ummm , I can safely bet the farm , that if their are online games for money, someone is cheating

  17. I'm sure he's honest – he only lied recently about how much he cheated in the past. But I'm sure he is clean now.

  18. There is this one game where Niemann's play would be equivalent of someone with a 3800 rating. So either he is the first 3000+ player in the world, and immediately 3800, or he is cheating,

    My guess is he's cheating.

  19. Worse than that, I've heard he's been accused of kibitzing!

  20. I think cheating online and cheating face to face are no different

  21. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt. if he's able to maintain his meteoric rise while under close watch and scrutiny then he's legit. If he's not able to duplicate previous performances then he's a lying sack of crap and should be suspended indefinitely.

  22. Do you know like in football statistics are what offenses are for defenders chess has logistics meaning stationary value

  23. Why competing with primitive computers called human brain when we possess a better computer now?? What a useless tradition.

  24. Hans acts like he's on Adderall which would give him a significant advantage. If you've ever taken Adderall you know how super human is makes you play whether it's with sports or mentally games.

  25. How about reporting facts instead of opinion

  26. Once is a cheater always be a cheater lol 😂

  27. He has cheated online.

    It’s so crazy because he actually is a chess genius, and may very well NOT be cheating in person.

    I hope is reputation is not tarnished. Though it likely will be. His in-person chess is genuinely impressive.

    Cheating should not be acceptable. But online chess cheating is clearly an epidemic that goes far beyond Hans.

  28. you've got MSNBC up your butt, when they have no evidence at all; play it for what it is. marketing as the 'bad-boy of chess'. and then, surprise everyone by becoming the #1 player.

  29. Hahahahaha if anything is making chess rocking it’s great hahahahahahahahahha, hahahahahaha, hahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahahahaha , muhahahahahahahaha

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