12-Year-Old Kid Crushes Chess Pro


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  1. He went easy on the lil bro, well that’s what I believe

  2. I enjoyed this game Gotham, and congrats well done to you for the explanation of this opening would like to the other games of the match and also what variation against Danny Rensch kind regards Worrell Robinson

  3. Loving Tani's casual brilliance and speedy calculation.

  4. Alternative title, I take a fat L to a child

  5. Started listing to Tani's book and how God worked in his life. Thanks!

  6. I love the forbidden fruit reference. 🙂

  7. I love he lost, hes way too cocky nowadays

  8. not how to make a bed

    i say as i eat food on my bedroom floor

  9. Thanks for blue shirt for holding the game progress 😂

  10. 800 point i used to beat 500 players forcing king into the middle

  11. Tani is a player that plays with a grand vision of what he wants to accomplish and does so. It's a talent that you don't see much, no matter what the medium is. What a genius. Thank you for your good sportsmanship, ever gracious in defeat, it's always so nice to see others notice the potential in another player and champion their success, even if they're an adversary. I'm a fan of your stuff and keep up the good work.

  12. What are you wearing?! Looks like you should either be skating in 'Ice Capades' or doing rails of coke off that table!

  13. When he grows up he will be even better, the kids own the future.

  14. 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 tani

  15. maybe i nstructional definitely bot entertaining

  16. hes talking about the head handcuff the fire nation had aang in

  17. Please go more to the park and then do an analyze! This was absolutely astonishing <3

  18. If you can't get behind Tani and how he came up, then something is wrong with you.

  19. Amazing video !!! heartwarming really

  20. Levy is being a gentleman and a great teacher. Kasparov said that’s the best part of losing – reviewing your mistakes as if it was not you who lost. Ok I am paraphrasing. Great job!

  21. Is Levy a chess pro though? I see him more as a youtuber.

  22. Getting mated in the middle of the board!!!??!!
    I just can't…. understand
    I thought levy was good
    Until now 😭

  23. Love the videos, I've been learning chess really intensely in the last few weeks and you are very fun to watch!! Keep going my man

  24. tani is so good! I can only imagine how strong he eventually will be…

  25. Imagine if all youtube chess vloggers got together and mentored this kid lol.

  26. Also reminded me of Tate vs Piers when Tate was talking the whole time. Might be his way of distracting you.

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