12-Year-Old Boy Defeats A Chess Grandmaster


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  1. I don't think levy realizes if he just did more lsd or psychedelics he could become gm

  2. OMG I REALLY SAID ROOKxB2!!!!!!!I m so proud of myself

  3. bzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzz bzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz

  4. i was watching this during my health class and my teacher started watching w me

  5. Levy's reaction to Bf6 was hilarious, like "white is doing so good, and what the heck just happened?!?"

  6. There is NO AA in Chess. Only time will tell how good he really is when he has to face against much stronger chess players.

  7. My friend beat a grandmaster bot it was super close but he did it and I made a bet over 50 dollars that he'd lose so I lost 50 dollars 😭

  8. 8:45 it's "en passant", not "en peussant". Say the first A like the A in supermAn, dArk, etc…
    BTW, i love you Levy, you are on of the best in chess to explain for noobs (like me).

  9. The black kid got the black pieces hmmmmmm

  10. This game was fire but the ending kinda sucks:(

  11. I defeated GM Gligoric in a simul in 1975( I was 14) 2 years later I got crushed by GM Larry Evans in a tournament OTB game. This likely showed that beating Gligoric was a bit of a fluke and it was a simultaneous Nevertheless, nobody made any videos about me.

  12. Just goes to show just how good super GMs are, they just see all these blunders and avoid them

  13. Stockfish was face-palming the whole game xD

  14. The weakest GM 2400 that's not amazing no high iq required anyone can be lucky in a good game and might win someday vs 2400. I've seen 900 players beat 2400. Even hikaru lost once to a 1600

  15. 4. …Qc7 is a little bit inaccurate because of Nb5 attacking the black Queen. That's why 4. …a6 is played first.

  16. Wow, When i was 12 i could hardly speak English

  17. Gotham is the king of “and that’s it… that’s the game”😂😂

  18. You should know the name tahnee adawoomee. Ah yes, definitely a name I will remember 🤔

  19. These chess kids are insane man. Grandmasters straight outta the womb.

  20. These chess kids are insane man. Grandmasters straight outta the womb.

  21. been watching since 600k, so great to see it quintuple

  22. Isn’t the prime age for a chess player between 15-20?

  23. What a fantastic chess game 👌👏🏻

  24. It proves that chess is a game of memory. When there is no more theory, humans just make human mistakes all over the board.

  25. So, basically, both side keep blundering to each other?

  26. These guys at 12 just remind you that Magnus cannot possibly stay "king" forever. They are getting too good, too early.

  27. 10:19 i was literally SCREAMING 'Rxb2' in my brain when u were commentating Qe2.

  28. I think that u should mention who is playing with what colour in the beginning.
    Also regarding to the game. At 11:55 how is it a mate if King goes b2? Seems like he escapes?

  29. It’s funny how he’s like don’t fall asleep and me try not to fall asleep😂

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