11-Year-Old Chess Prodigy Won’t Stop Talking Trash

11-year-old chess master Tani is good not only at chess, but also at trash talking. Drop a like and tell us in the comments, what was your favorite moment from this video!
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  1. Nah there was an Amber Alert going off. Why did they take him

  2. Trust me he played it off extremely well. Because when I was 11…

  3. Did you just miss a big ass blunder on 1:17? Shouldnt you have gone from D5 to C7?

  4. She had him from early on ,she push pawn to protect knight instead of attacking queen and rook with said knight 🤷🏽‍♂️d5-c2 game over

  5. Why the fuck does she act like she's good. Bing bing bing

  6. At 1:12 was it just me or was Nc7 just a missed fork opportunity from Andrea?

  7. 1:07 why didn’t she play nc7, forking the rook and queen? I’m like 350 in blitz and even I saw that lol😂

  8. Both girls had strategy to distract & win…
    But couldn't work that time….

  9. He spared valuable seconds considering Alex's color and school questions and still dominated the game. They were setting up again. I have a strong suspicion that Tani won their series!

  10. Hats off to Tani, very well spoken and very smart. Wish the best for you young gentleman!

  11. Definitely checking out more of your videos. I utterly stuck at chess but I love watching a good game.

  12. I saw 2 opporttunities you could have easily won if I may. First being knight d5 to c7. It would've forked the queen and a rook. The queen would have been forced to move making it easy pickings.
    With your queen e3, take the pawn with the rook. Either the queen moves out of the way giving you the rook or you both lose a queen and you lose a rook. With that, you're still stronger than the boy as you have more pieces. Your left most pawns would have won you the game.
    The kid could've won faster by going rook h7 to pawn h4. It would have been checkmate.

    Man tension when you play really blinds you huh? I can't say I don't relate tho. Good game both of you

  13. I can beat both the trash talking kid and the French beautiful lady 2vs1😂

  14. The women is very bad forgotten double attack tower queen with the hourse in a turn

  15. Everyone else: "The kid is so cooooool"

  16. She could have won at 7 minutes. She didn't want to throw the queen. GG to both!

  17. I love watching genius people at work and having fun… This is is fun…

  18. 1:06 Am I wrong but Nc7 is just a fork of the Queen and rook?

  19. confused why the pawn wasn't pushed to A6 to be traded for a past pawn

  20. Is it me or are chess prodigies kind of arrogant little shits sometimes?

  21. At 1:13 did Andreas just missed to make a fork 😅with his queen and rook

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