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  1. Stockfish puts in its letter of resignation the next morning

  2. I lovemthat GM tag even being 100 elo…they're super GMs

  3. It's mate!
    It's mate!
    Oh Nooo!!

  4. It was fascinating to watch the chess of people who certainly understand some good Chess theory but pub stomp Super Auto Pets for a living. Pearls of wisdom everywhere

  5. “He plays the bongcloud every game” sounds like sykunno

  6. Glad i found you on the lex podcast. Not sure if you know but you are very popular in prison. Chess is big in prison

  7. This looks like basically every game I have at 950-1000 rating. 😂

  8. omg that ender is hilarious. Who knew chess could be so entertaining, you just gotta think in 4d

  9. chess is so painful as a beginner, when I was starting off I always hung important pieces like my queen and wouldn't even realize it, it's kinda funny to see people starting their own journey on this beautiful game the same way I did

  10. I watched your videos for a couple hours and after playing for a few months i find it increasingly frustrating to lose.

    I am getting old and have pretty much no life and nothing much to feel happy about most of the day.

    I try to get into stuff and give it a serious go. I took some tests that place me at 1300-1600 score and i can beat 1300 cpu.

    humans at even levels 500 or lower can treat me so disrespectfully it kills the game and is no longer the game of skill it was told to me as a child.

    Chess is now a memorization game and it can be so offensive to play someone that is basically either proxying an analysis or straight up cpu vs you.

    I seriously have issues not wanting to live anymore and honestly the chess community was something i thought would be nice and relaxing.

    It isnt. its ridiculous. people look at a simple skill game (a really good one) as a lifestyle and instead of letting everyone have a win and a fun time, they rape the experience.

    thats all humans do is rape everything and everyone they can.

    this channel and better yet, youtube itself is just another rape of the human individual and no one cares.

    no one even realizes how they make others feel.

    imagine believing you are motivating people to get better or whatever and behind the curtain you are really selling people a lie in order to take advantage back against those that have taught you how to live like this.

    i am ready to leave now. beam me the fuck up, please.

    someone is gonna laugh and say you should quit chess…

  11. There's no such thing as "legalized cheating." If it's legalized, it isn't cheating.

  12. Not gonna lie, that was pretty fun to watch

  13. And one of them (without spoilers) gains ranking points with this match.

  14. Why did nobody tell me about knight opposition before? 🤦🏼‍♂️ How many times I have drawn such an endgame..

  15. why does it say GM in front of Sykkuno and peterpark90?

  16. I've come a long way😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. this is just as beautiful as 3k+ rated bullet

  18. There is no doubt in my mind that Sykkuno could be great at chess and part of me thinks he's been trolling his score to keep it at exactly 100. The three things that will stop Sykkuno from being great at chess are:
    1. He prefers to troll over winning, especially against his friends.
    2. He prefers to play games with his friends and they'll certainly move on from chess.
    3. He'll make a lot more money doing the two things above than spending the time it would take to become a great chess player.

  19. How is peterpark 800? I’m 850 and I would have smoked that guy

  20. I swear im better than that but i dont have an 800 rating 🙁

  21. I love how he describes the game as though the hilarious blunders are excusable even for that level. I'm no pro mself (600 rating) but this seems low even for a 129.

  22. Sykunno isn't 100 rating because he's bad at chess. He's 100 rated because he's an absolute troll. I swear I could hear him laughing all the way through endgame.

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