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  1. I three crowned the Antonio (1500 bot) but im super low elo, i just dont play comp, only bots

  2. If stockfish evaluates a full bar in your favor, look for better.

  3. I just love how sykkuno is like this in every game he plays either he throws for fun or he goes no brain out of nowhere

  4. tbh I really love these low elo games, not only are they entertaining to watch, it can be a good lesson for new/low elo players (me included).
    Unlike watching the best chess players, where my brain starts to melt lol

  5. The last emotions were priceless 😀

  6. It's the only inevitable outcome because you can't blunder your King

  7. I am a chess noob :") I can't even beat a kid

  8. My brain 🧠🧠 hurts when watching beginners play!

  9. At the last the funniest chess match i ever watched 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. @3:13 you see your bar go way up, you would take an extra second to analize?

  11. I laugh, but I also feel personally attacked

  12. “Are you still a chess Noob?” That hurt

  13. They should figure out how to scrub the crypto ads out

  14. 14:00 when you run out of time with only your rook and king its a draw because of insufficient material, which i find pretty weird because you can actually win.. why is that the case?

  15. I’m 100 elo after playing for 3 years 😂😂😂😂 and I spent 150 dollars 😂😂😂

  16. I love how you look at the moves from the perspective of someone at that rating. Love your videos dude please keep them coming!

  17. What the fuck did I just watch…. My 17 year old daughter who’s only played 8 times is better than this. She must be an 800 ELO

  18. And thats why you should learn endgame checkmates

  19. Sometimes when I'm focused enough I could play like a 2000 ELO, then after that I would be so winded that I wouldn't be able to play higher than 200 ELO.

  20. You can feel the sheer panic these two players have when they reached the rook endgame. No one has any earthly idea on what to do because both of them were on the "no risky moves or I'll die" mindset xD

  21. Bruh my 6 year old sister just learned how to play and she can play better than these clowns.

  22. Funny thing is Sykkuno got better because he got that Yu-Gi-Oh gameplay mind, i can understand the analogy, i can even spot mate in 1 but not when i play

  23. how does the rating work? im rated 600-700 and peter is either trolling or is not good

  24. tbh I have this rating but I dont play like this 😂

  25. I'm in 200 elo chess and Jesus we are all like headless chickens just trading queens for a pawn. It's quite fun tbh

  26. "OMG this is like a guy who´s played like 7 games of Chess" 🤣🤣

  27. imagine your first day playing tennis being recorded and being laughed at by a mediocre professional, this is like that

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