100% blind player shows fantastic bit of speed!


Soundarya Pradhan is one of the participants at the National Premier 2018. He is 100% blind, but look at the speed with which he makes his moves! Simply unbelievable.

Share this video to show to the world how talented blind players are in India!


  1. He is blind 100% I've seen more people like him it's not fake

  2. Almighty God please make Blind People, and visually impaired people see again

  3. Feels bad for him I wish he would be able to see soon!

  4. he was moving the pieces before the moves were called out

  5. when l was at a chess tournament l was versus a blind kid it's really amazing to play with some people like that at the end it was a draw!

  6. Hats off👌👌👏👏 mad respect

  7. "Sometimes it will go right into the hole" and proceeds to do it in the first attempt …damn huge respect man

  8. Simply amazed by his humble nature and talent. Way to go Soundarya.

  9. imagine if he regained his sight again he would be a godly player

  10. And here I am with 100% sight and when someone says F6 I have to see the coordinates first…. Hats off to you man. Soundarya OP

  11. A small suggestion: Please use the term visually impaired instead of blind and persons with disabilities instead disabled person. It's more polite. God bless him.

  12. Super Soundharya Pradhan sir. Humbled to see the talents

  13. Most amazing thing! I had the honor fo playing chess with a blind guy. He obliterated me. I wish I went back to play with him just to give him a more decent opponent.

  14. I am wondering how strong he would be if he was not blind

  15. I can see and sometimes I still put it in the wrong hole.

  16. Wonder of India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🥳

  17. I came to the comments for the dirty jokes and… surprisingly… not a single one.

  18. I met him he came to my city, he came first in between all sighted players, delighted to be playing on the board beside him!

  19. I think the board design can be improved by making a small slope in each square towards the center, like a sink.

  20. Oh my god ! I lost my first master tournament to a blind master…I am blind in one eye and my heart sheds when I see a blind player excel. Thank god I have aight but can sense what it is to be blind…so touching to see

  21. "Sometimes you go right in to the hole" Thats what she said.

  22. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Next up blind 9LX ?

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