10 Chess Traps to Win FAST!!

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How To Win FAST In Chess – 10 Moves Or Less

0:00 Intro
0:50 Gambits For White
3:52 5/6 Moves: Caro Kann
7:20 7 Moves: Ponziani
11:08 8 Moves: Fried Liver
14:37 10 Moves: English
18:51 Gambits For Black
23:08 6/7 Moves: Portuguese
27:00 8 Moves: Englund
30:37 9 Moves: Albin
35:07 10 Moves: Stafford

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  1. he specifically said for white pieces :😢

  2. What if the pawn comes in front to kill the Queen? Time 2:55 sec.

  3. If you move anything next to the king it takes it

  4. Gothem my rating has gone up from 430 to 531 in one day

  5. The problem is my enemies are watching this video

  6. The queen can literally kill our queen

  7. Been testing out that Scholars mate deadly effective if the opportunity is there

  8. Ummm Gotham? thats not checkmate the bishop can eat the knight and queen will kill it back THEN the white will kill the black queen so that means no checkmate?
    heres the time 22:19

  9. Learn:

    White :

    Black :

  10. Intercontinental ballistic missile gambit op

  11. Tysm, I used all ur gambits and they all worked

  12. Man I'm glad that I got into chess! I really want to learn these moves. It's just so hard for me to memorize all of this. I can't wait until I get better at this!

  13. These tricks are never gonna work because the opponents would be watching the video too 🥲

  14. Great after watching your videos went from 880 to 794 thanks, I'll keep trying

  15. These moves are good only for beginners

  16. YOOOOOOOOOOOOO I PLAYED THE PONZIANI AND I MESSED UP A FEW TIMES BUT I WON ON. Enemy king e8, my queen on e7 and my knight on c6! Thanks so much!

  17. Before applying all these always remember you're opponent is also watching this

  18. What a genius! You are smart and funny. Love your videos. Please do make more❤

  19. Love your videos . Tks Gothan. Regards from Australia

  20. Well in the Fried Liver there is also knight to a5

  21. Bro I am going for a tournament and I looked up you wish me luck❤❤ thx for a ll your tips

  22. Me teaching my friend who has a british accent:
    Me: “Ok this is called the Ponziani Trap”
    My friend: “”The Porn-

  23. 11:08 what will do when black moves the king to e7 after queen's check

  24. HOGWASH!!! Only Pure Noobs fall for such April fool's move. PROTECT THE WEAK PAWN WITH THE DARK QUEEN. MATCH THE LIGHT QUEEN MOVE 4 MOVE

  25. The Gambit name is : Tennsion Gambit😊😊

  26. now my dauhter will win her tornament and get money thank you

  27. at 2min 10sec my opponent did not open the knight instead my opponent moved his pawn forward and since then i started losing the game

  28. Fried liver
    blackbourne shilling
    stafford maybe

  29. I got my first checkmate because of this😊

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