10 Brilliant Moves In A Row

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  1. What’s the difference between best move and brilliant ?

  2. Honestly levy should shave his head and then he'd look like Heisenberg, but younger and on steroids

  3. When I play chess , I can't able to play more than 10 moves 😭.

  4. hey murder is okay because no one will see me! terrible logic..

  5. You're right around 14min of your vid you have too many unnecessary talks, annoying. But I like the content, I just skip your nonsensical jokes.

  6. How about Nf3, what will happen?

  7. Resigns should be removed so we could see the best parts

  8. Bro, you always make me laugh 😂
    "For legal reasons I shower more than once a week" 😂😂😂😂
    Actual legend 👏 ❤ from Australia…

  9. 3:15 jaywalking is legal in california as long as it’s safe as in there’s no cars

  10. I didn't see the complete sequence. But before you were even discussing Mate in 11, I saw Rook Sac and Pawn Push and thought: "That's a potentially very devastating sequence." Once again not being brave enough to do the Botez Gambit at the right time.

  11. I just realized Levi sounds alot like Jesse Pinkman

  12. i did it little diff r5 to rf4 biship check and forking the queen rest all same yess its a 12 move mate but i go a lit diff is this alright ?

  13. мне показалось,или он русский???

  14. at the end of the video gotham sounds like a maniac pastor

  15. i sometimes amaze my self , i am probably 600elo but I'll play a 2800elo move and then blunder my queen

  16. he knows im watching this vid while coding 😯

  17. 7:30
    Someone being noob at chess
    Gotham: "and I took that personally"

  18. "chess is like beating a group of ten year olds"

    "if there's one? bap. two? bap bop. three? boom bap pow. It starts to get difficult with four or five"

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