10 Best Chess Moves EVER PLAYED

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10 Best Moves Ever 🙂

0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1
3:35 Game 2
7:11 Game 3
10:19 Game 4
13:57 Game 5
17:32 Game 6
21:05 Game 7
25:11 Game 8
28:33 Game 9

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  1. Managed to find Bishop g5 despite being a total noob but I must admit I didn't see all the way through it, it felt nice to find though!

  2. I think the gold coin game is the best

  3. Using code geass mc would have been better than dragon ball mc

  4. "And you walk in face of danger and you laugh???????"
    Visible confusion

  5. I just love your russian accent, it's really good, I've never heard an accent that good from non native speaker and that's a little bit uncanny for me actually ._.
    But the vid is just great!)

  6. Game 2 I found it. Because whenever a chess YouTuber get crazy it is about a pawn. And this one was the only possible 😂

  7. I dont know which mysterious power did hit my brains, but when he said "try to guess" (and I didnt have any idea what its gonna be) and I said queen b8 no c7

    then he just showed that I was right and I almost pissed myself

  8. Was kinda hoping the en passant checkmate on magnus would be here then i saw it was one year ago

  9. How many hungarian chess player was mentioned in this video?

  10. And here Bobby plays the absolutely stunning move … gallvanita clementine soda 😂😂😂😂😂 Imna play that as well😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. I feel you couldve gone D4 with queen and then bishop C3, why wouldnt that have worked?

  12. I'd argue that the best moves ever played are in 800-level bullet games. Although the "idea" is never followed up

  13. Hearing levy say “bussin respectfully” is something I never thought I’d hear but I’m very glad I did 💀

  14. 25:09 why you gotta do me dirly like that. I mean you are right, but why though

  15. this will win 11/10 times. 😀
    Unless you're the one playing. D:

  16. When my man Levy went "Bussin', RESPECTFULLY". This is why @GothamChess is the GOAT! I almost fell out of my chair laughing xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  17. The look on my face when I guessed BG5 AlphaZero vs Stockfish first time is priceless 😂

  18. I've seen this video like 4 times. Can't really say that about many videos, and I've been on youtube for like 12 years.

  19. I found the queen move on game 8 when im rated 550 lol

  20. 23:08 that was so confusing to listen Gotham talking Russian. I had to rewatch like 3 times

  21. jews are constantly smuggling in propaganda into all of their content. Being the middle men and merchants they are, they produce a lot of it. And, so, slowly but surely, “the goyim” become brainwashed to the point that an entire political philosophy is completely anathematized. Good job, jew.

  22. 4:49 can confirm I watched this clip while high and I came up with knight E4 because it threatens to win the queen by forcing the king to move via discovered check if white begins trading pieces, leaving the queen to be captured unless the white queen retreats.

  23. «5 pawns and one bishop will win against three pawns and a rook 9/10 no 11/10… Unless you’re the one playing.»

  24. This is the best thumbnail in gotham history no cap

  25. So for the first move, you could say he sacrificed THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!?

  26. You have so many boring boring videos. Maybe this wasn't one of them? I will ever know. You've turned me off completely so I cannot watch this.

  27. 4:56 bro I’m 600 and that’s the first thing I thought of I’m so smart

  28. Loveddd the thumbnaill… Levy as super saiyan rose❤✌

  29. could you please make videos on same openings played by different GMs

  30. This is joke
    I think it is funny
    I understand it could be sensitive but it isn't like im actually hurting anyone

    Levy's nose is a little small to not like Nazis

    I repeat it is just a joke I don't like the Nazis either

  31. I might be stupid but in game one couldn’t pawn take rook? Or is there something I’m completely not seeing?

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