0 Rated Chess Player

Hey everyone, I wanted to take a moment to let you know about my discord channel.

Traditionally in the past it’s revolved around gaming of all sorts, not just chess! If you would like to join, I’d be happy to have you!
Also if you feel up to it, take the time to check out some of the older stuff on the channel, there’s lots of nutty BeatSaber videos from VR, a VRChat series I was working on, and some highlights from other games and previous streams as well. It’d mean the world to me to have your support there as well since I’m not sure how long the youtube algorithm will support chess memes!


  1. Ok i paused the video at the middle and i just wanna say that this is a very intense chess match

  2. Btw im 1400 and if i play against silician defence i immediately resign

  3. I have no idea what this means, but if I did, I'd probably find it funny.

  4. It's called the French defense because it makes your opponent surrender.

  5. Or it's actually Stockfish 80 moves deep, figuring out it's a losing position by 0.81

  6. The real 0 Rated Chess player is person that played 1.g4… and 2.f3

  7. This happened to me the other day the guy resigned I was super fucking confused

  8. I Has the same game but after E4 and e5. I resigned becouse i didnt have time.

  9. Using the French defense against the French defense… Clever!

  10. I am surprised Black did not resign when he played the French

  11. Ahhh the french defense, it was literally mate in 2, resigning is indeed the best choice

  12. Fake this is a 3900 chess game, the white predicted all the game and saw the mate in 63, not in 47 like user said in the comment, because he can defend with passant ( an illegal move, probably is a chess.com bug )

  13. When they play the French defense, so you surrender

  14. Actually it’s the reverse. He’s so smart that he knows exactly how it’ll play out now.

  15. I don't blame him, the opponent had mate in 32

  16. You don't mess with french

  17. German army invade France.
    Ardennes, 10 May 1940

  18. My opening when playing with Hikaru

  19. suggestion: you shift between the sides very fast without showing the whole board. That's kind of disorienting (not needed in this video, but in general)

  20. "he didnt respond with e5, i didnt know what to do"

  21. Imagine getting a rating that is lower than the room temperature

  22. How to win at 0 rated chess player: not do 1. e4 or 1…e5

  23. If I was in that opening I would resign too because I can't do any of the opening tricks

  24. What?? This is not even a Video wtf ..8s

  25. Grandmasters when they can see an inevitable checkmate in the next 35 moves :

  26. Sorry, but I would give up after that black move too

  27. French defense. French response. 🇫🇷 🏳

  28. I just released another dank chess meme, hope you check it out and like it! SNAP BACK TO REALITY.

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